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Epoxy and Polyaspartic Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions… but if you don’t see the answers to YOUR questions, please contact us anytime.


  1. What is “Polyaspartic”?

    Polyaspartics are a 2-part polymer coating material that offers many superior benefits including: UV Stable, won’t yellow or cloud, extremely fast curing and dry times, high moisture vapor barrier, stain resistant and more abrasive resistant than other concrete coatings. In a word it is “AMAZING.”

  2. My garage has a crack in it, is this fixable?

    Cracks are very common and In the vast majority of cases, fixable! Using a crack chaser we edge out the crack, fill with epoxy crack filler and grind it alone with the balance of the floor. We’re happy to take a look at the area of concern and help you decide the best course of action to ensure a beautiful lasting floor.

  3. How long does it take to complete my garage?

    Most one and two car garages can be completed within the course of a single work day. Three car garages normally require two work days. Of course some factors might add to the project, like pre-existing floor finishes or other work requirements.

  4. When can I start using my garage after you are done?

    The Epoxy we use, which contains an accelerator, and polyaspartics dry quickly so you can have your garage or shop back as soon as the drying is complete. Time and conditions do vary, but in most cases, foot traffic is allowed in three hours and you can drive on the coating just 24 hours later. Your installer will discuss the particular timeline during your installation giving consideration to current weather conditions.

  5. How can I get an estimate?

    Simple, just call or email we’ll be glad to meet with you for a friendly, no-pressure estimate - free of course. We’ll be glad to show you plenty of samples so you can pick the perfect floor finish.

  6. I just want a ballpark estimate, is that possible?

    SURE! Send a few photos and approximate measurements and we can give you some basic pricing information. Most finishes can be completed including extra careful preparation and custom color choices for approximately $5 to $8 a square foot.

  7. Can you install during the winter?

    We can install coatings down to zero degrees. Don’t let winter hold off your plans to have a beautiful garage.

We know you have many more questions… schedule your free, friendly estimate today and we’ll be glad to answer your specific questions. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 484-341-0792 /