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Flooring Finishes

Epoxy and Polyaspartic

Installing the perfect finish for your floor

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Full Flake Epoxy

Our most popular flooring solution is perfect for garages and other small light industrial spaces. This extra hardy - solid surface - finish comes in a variety of color combinations, is chemical and stain resistant. A breeze to keep clean and allows for quick return to service. Our superior finishes are warrantied not to peel or be worn down by hot tire pick-up. A beautiful, long-lasting finish is right for a variety of spaces. Every project starts with careful preparation and profiling the concrete to open up the pours to allow the epoxy to wick deeply into the substrate for superior adhesion. A full flake is broadcast on the floor and topped with an industrial quality uv-stable top-coat.

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Exterior Coatings:

Slip resistant and ready to withstand the weather. Perfect for porches, patios, pool decking and more. Concrete exteriors receive the same pristine preparation and finishing. The wicking epoxy paint has superior adhesion and won’t peal or flake off. Beautiful brindle flake options also available to give your exterior a truly welcoming appearance.

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Specialty Finishes

Have something special in mind your garage, basement or shop? Luxe Garage Floors is happy to discuss your needs and how we can be of service to you. Maybe you require NFL licensed team colors? Metallic or mica flake? No problem! Let us know how we can help customize your space and make it LUXE.

Regardless of the flooring finish that you select, our preparation is unmatched, with careful attention to detail. Surfaces are prepared, cleaned and profiled and we take extra care to make sure each step is completed according to the manufactures’ specifications. We use commercial grade equipment to profile your concrete to maximize the chemical and mechanical bond of the epoxy to the substrate. Our superior product lines allow us to apply is most weather conditions - down to zero degrees. All finishes offer a substantial moisture vapor barrier. A variety of color combinations to choose from will make sure your space is perfect for your home or business. All coatings are finished with a clear coat that is sure not to yellow or cloud over time. These exceptional products preform well in the most demanding environments and because of our skilled applicators you can be sure you are getting a beautiful finish that will last.

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Some of the many color combinations for full flake finishes.

Some of the many color combinations for full flake finishes.